Clara Bosak-Schroeder

Assistant Professor of Classics and History

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Clara Bosak-Schroeder joined the Classics department in 2015 and became an affiliate of History in 2016. She received her PhD in Classical Studies from the University of Michigan, with certificates in Greek and Roman History and Graduate Teaching, and a BA in Classical Languages from UC Berkeley.

Clara studies ancient environmental values in historiography and technical literature, and draws on theoretical work in the environmental humanities, Science and Technology Studies, and feminism. Additional interests include pastoral and georgic poetry, writing pedagogy, and science fiction. Her book project, Other Natures, argues that Greek ethnographies criticize Greek environmental practices. A second project traces ancient and early modern receptions of the Periplus of Hanno

Clara recently published "The Religious Life of Greek Automata,” in Archiv für Religionsgeschichte  (2016)  and “The Ecology of Health in Herodotus, Dicaearchus, and Agatharchides,” in The Routledge Handbook of Identity and the Environment in the Classical and Medieval Worlds (2015).

Specializations / Research Interest(s)

  • environmental studies, environmental history, STS, feminism